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Newsletter October 2014
Monday, 13th October 2014

This is the 28th in a series of newsletters which the Board has decided to produce to keep applicants informed from time to time as to the procedures it follows and other developments.

The Board's Guide to Hearing Procedures issued in April 2003 and in December of 2005 the Board issued the third edition of the guide.



The final date for receipt of applications has now passed and the Board has received a total of 16,623 applications.

The Board continues to process the remaining applications before it as expeditiously as possible.


Applications Received after 15th December 2005

In accordance with the provisions of the Residential Institutions Redress (Amendment) Act 2011 the Board's power to accept late applications under sections 8(2) and 8(3) of the Redress Act 2002 ceased at midnight on the 16th of September 2011.

The Board received 2,766 such submissions which were dealt with as follows;

2,194 submissions were accepted by the Board
370 submissions were disallowed by the Board
163 submissions were either withdrawn or had their files closed
39 submissions were invalid

Any such late submissions received on or after the 17th of September 2011 cannot be accepted by the Board.



To 30th September 2014 the Board had completed the process in 16,603 cases. 12,019 offers have been made following settlement talks and 3,514 awards have been made following hearings. 16 applicants have rejected their awards. 1,070 applications were withdrawn, refused or resulted in no award.

The average value of awards to date is €62,204, the largest award being €300,500.

Redress Board Bands

The breakdown of awards by Redress Band is as follows: 

Redress Bands


Total Weightings for Severity of Abuse and Injury/Effects of Abuse

Award Payable by way of Redress




70 or more

€200,000 - €300,000




55 to 69

€150,000 - €200,000




40 to 54

€100,000 - €150,000




25 to 39

€50,000 - €100,000




Less than 25

Up to €50,000









Legal Costs

To date the Board has paid legal costs to 1,017 firms of solicitors in respect of 14,894 applications. A total of €190.1 million has been paid, of which €12.5 million was paid in respect of associated High Court proceedings in accordance with section 27(2) of the Redress Act.

Relocation of the Board's Offices

Peoplepoint, the Board's fellow tenant in Clonskeagh, who are responsible for implementing the Government's shared services human resources strategy, will presently require additional accommodation. Given that the Board no longer requires its suite of hearing and waiting rooms, the Board has agreed, in response to a request from the Office of Public Works on behalf of Peoplepoint, to complete its work in alternative accommodation in Stephens Green House which is on Earlsfort Terrace in Dublin 2.

It is anticipated that this move will have taken place by the middle of November. Further bulletins on the move will be posted shortly and the Board will, of course, be informing relevant stakeholders directly as soon as the date of the move has been finally decided.


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