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Q : F: How will my redress be assessed?

The Board may make an interim award and a final award of redress.

Interim award

Where the Board has made a preliminary decision that you are entitled to an award and, having regard to your age and infirmity, considers it appropriate, it may pay you an interim award of not more than €10,000.  This interim award will be deducted from your final award.

Final award

The final award made by the Board, which will be a fair and reasonable sum having regard to your unique circumstances, will be assessed under the following four headings.

1. The severity of the abuse and injury

 On the basis of the medical and other evidence available to it, the Board will assess your redress award with reference to the severity of (1) the abuse which you suffered, (2) your physical and mental injuries, (3) the emotional and social effects of your injuries, and (4) your loss of employment and other opportunities.

 Please note that no redress is payable for loss of earnings as such, and the Board will not take into account any actuarial material presented on your behalf.

2.  Additional redress

 In exceptional cases, the Board may make an additional award not exceeding 20% of the normal redress award where it is satisfied that it is appropriate to do so.

3. Medical expenses

 The Board may make an award for reasonable expenses incurred in respect of past, present or future medical or psychiatric treatment for the effects of the injuries which you have suffered as a result of the abuse.

4. Other costs and expenses

 The Board may also make an award for any other costs and expenses which you have reasonably incurred in making your application for redress.  This includes the reasonable costs of legal representation for the making of your application.


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