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Q : B: Should I apply for redress?

You should apply to the Board if you can answer 'Yes' to all the following questions:

  • Were you resident in an industrial school, reformatory school, children's home, special hospital or a similar institution at any time while you were under the age of 18?
  • Were you subjected to sexual, physical or emotional abuse or serious neglect while you were resident in that institution?
  • Have you suffered physical, psychiatric or other injury consistent with that abuse?

It is not necessary for a person to have been prosecuted or convicted of any criminal offence in connection with the abuse.

Please note that the Board may not be able to pay redress in the following circumstances:

  • You were not resident in the institution at the time of the abuse.
  • The institution in which you were resident is not listed in the Act.
  • The person who was abused died before 11 May 1999.
  • You have already received damages from a court or a settlement in respect of the abuse.
  • You are unable to satisfy the Board that you are entitled to redress under the terms of the Act.

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